Innes National Park – Dhilba Guuranda

Breathtaking beaches

The Pondalowie board walk through the Sandhills is also worth a visit, as well as the Pondalowie Bay Lookout with rock formations and crabs if you walk down to the water.

Dolphin Bay is a fantastic place to visit to see a beautiful beach with large boulders to climb on.

Stenhouse Bay and Jetty

Marion Bay resides next to Innes National Park, with breathtaking beaches, bushwalks, lighthouses and other scenery.

Stenhouse Bay displays the remnants of the gypsum exportation process

From the iconic ship loading jetty

Neighboring Beaches

Berry Bay South (while not in the national park) is a great place for beginners to try surfing – 20mins north of Marion Bay. Dolphins visit this beach every day, I have been lucky enough to have been in the water here when a large pod of dolphins swam right around us to get in a shallow wave!