About our Journey​

Vision Becomes a reality

Alloca beach shack was designed and built by Jane and Liam after spending many holidays in Yorke Peninsula and loving the natural beauty of Marion Bay.
With a keen interest in sustainability, they wanted to create something with a low carbon footprint but was comfortable and connected with the outside environment.
The north facing house has large windows that capture the sun throughout the living area in winter to create warmth. The heat is retained with thick underfloor insulation.
In summer, the house is under shade, use of louvered windows create cross ventilation to allow cool sea breezes to flow through.
The block was mostly cleared before purchasing and is currently being re-vegetated with indigenous plants to Marion bay.
Materials have been selected with low embodied energy, with an emphasis on timber. The house has low impact on the environment, it is on stumps with minimal concrete. There is a dedicated outdoor 20amp power outlet to make it more accessible for EV drivers when traveling to Marion Bay.

We are grateful to share this experience with you.

Jane & Liam

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